At the age of five I started using my grandfather’s vest pocket autographic Kodak Camera. Images from this camera were processed in the family darkroom with guidance from my father. Through this process I became familiar with the basic principles of black and white photography and print making.

Photography remained a hobby for me, throughout my childhood and adult life. In 2014 after more than 25 years working in the corporate sector, I felt the urge to pursue a more creative pathway and focus on my interest in photography. I am studying for an Advanced Diploma of Photography at the Photography Studies College (PSC), Melbourne. I will complete my studies in 2018, specialising in Fine Arts photography.

My study at PSC has broadened my photographic skills. Having entered the course with a strong interest in photo journalism, I now find that my creative urge is more fully satisfied through the exploration of alternate techniques of image capture, particularly where they result in an abstraction of the scene.